Create Zendesk Ticket
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Create Zendesk Ticket

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The Create Zendesk Ticket action creates a ticket in Zendesk for all relevant entities.

To configure the Create Zendesk Ticket action, do as follows:

  1. From the Action Library, click Create Incident, and then click Create Zendesk Ticket.


  1. Define a unique action name.
  2. Provide credentials to connect Zendesk: domain, user email and password.
  3. You can configure whether to verify SSL connection or not. By default, verify SSL checkbox is selected.
  4. You can configure to connect to a proxy instead of directly connecting it to the domain.
  5. Provide the ticket subject and body.
  6. To send the incident description in the end of the ticket body, select the Add Incident Description Default checkbox.
    The incident description message includes the Enforcement Set name and the triggered query, the condition for executing the Enforcement, if such exists, and number of current and previous results.

Message example:
Alert - "test" for the following query has been triggered: Missing Sophos

Alert Details
The alert was triggered because: The number of entities is above 0
The number of devices returned by the query:4
The previous number of devices was:4

You can view the query and its results here: Sophos
7. Choose the ticket priority: Low, Normal, High, Urgent. The default value is Normal.
8. Save the action.

For more details on other Enforcements available actions, see Action Library.
For more details on Enforcement Set configuration, see Enforcement Set configuration.

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