Asset Profile Dashboards
  • 11 Mar 2024
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Asset Profile Dashboards

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Article summary

You can create a dashboard for each asset. Dashboards related to each asset type are displayed and they display charts related to a specific asset as a visual overview for that asset.

On the Asset Profile left pane click the arrow next to Dashboard Overview to see the available dashboards. There, you can display dashboards related to that asset type. The charts are displayed for the asset type and for any other related asset. All the asset profiles on that asset type have the same dashboard. The capabilities provided are similar to Axonius Dashboards, but the display for each dashboard is automatically filtered by the Asset selected (asset ID).


Add or edit dashboard permissions are required to add or duplicate the dashboard or edit the dashboard.


The left pane displays the name of the dashboard. Administrators can create Asset Profile dashboards that will be available for all users of the system.

The following options are available

Creating a New Dashboard

Click on the 3-dot Add Dashboard menu next to Dashboard Overview and select Add Dashboard.

The Create Dashboard dialog opens


The dashboards are created in the same way as on the Axonius Dashboards. The relevant admin chooses who can edit the asset profile’s dashboard. For more information, refer to Creating a New dashboard

Dashboard Menu Actions

You can click the 3-dot 'More Dashboard Menu' either on the top left of the page, or on a specific dashboard to perform various actions about the name, permissions of a dashboard, and more.


The following actions are available for users with the necessary permissions:

Note that exporting dashboards is not supported.

Adding Charts to the Dashboard

Once you create a dashboard, you can add charts to the dashboard. You can create any of the charts that are available for regular Axonius dashboards, refer to Working with Custom Charts, however the modules available are only those related to the asset profile on which you are creating the chart. When you add, edit or delete charts for an Asset Profile Dashboard while you are focussed on one specific asset, it adds these charts to the Asset Profile Dashboard for all assets.

Chart Actions

Chart actions are available for each chart. Refer to Chart Actions

Filtering Charts

Click the filter on a chart to update a chart dynamically. This works in a similar way to Chart filters for Dashboard Charts

Filtering Dashboards

You can filter a dashboard. Note that Dashboards are prefiltered by the Asset unique ID and this value cannot be changed. Add additional filters as required. When you create a filter for an Asset Profile Dashboard while you are focussed on one specific asset, it only influences the asset you are looking at. Refer to Updating a Dashboard Dynamically.

Filter by asset entity - filters by a row in the table that is by an adapter connection

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