F5 BIG-IP iControl
  • 28 Dec 2023
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F5 BIG-IP iControl

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Article summary

F5 BIG-IP iControl is a Web services-enabled open API providing granular control over the configuration and management of F5's application delivery platform, BIG-IP.

F5 BIG-IP iControl provides information on virtual servers and their assigned pools.

A pool is a logical set of devices, such as web servers, that you group together to receive and process traffic. Instead of sending client traffic to the destination IP address specified in the client request, F5 BIG-IP sends the request to any of the nodes that are members of that pool.

A pool consists of pool members. A pool member is a logical object that represents a physical node on the network. Once you have assigned a pool to a virtual server, F5 BIG-IP directs traffic coming into the virtual server to a member of that pool. An individual pool member can belong to one or multiple pools, depending on how you want to manage your network traffic.

For more details on pools, see Ask F5 - About Pools.


  1. F5 BIG-IP Domain – Your F5 BIG-IP domain.
  2. User Name and Password - Provide the user name and password for a read-only user.
  3. Login Provider - Use "tmos".
  4. Verify SSL – Select whether to verify the SSL certificate of the server against the CA database inside of Axonius. For more details, see SSL Trust & CA Settings.
  5. HTTPS Proxy (optional) – Connect the adapter to a proxy instead of directly connecting it to the domain.


Advanced Settings


Advanced settings can either apply for all connections for this adapter, or you can set different advanced settings and/or different scheduling for a specific connection, refer to ​Advanced Configuration for Adapters.

  1. Fetch devices configuration (optional) - Select whether to fetch Device configuration information as devices.
  2. Fetch virtual servers policies (optional) - Select to fetch policy information for each virtual server.
  3. Enrich policies with ASM context elements - Select this option to enrich the policies objects with the following ASM context elements: Cookies, Methods, File Types, Violations, Evasions, HTTP Protocols, Web Services Securities, Signatures.
  4. API version to use (e.g. 13.1.1) - Enter the F5 API version to use. If not specified, the latest API version is used. For backwards compatibility it may be useful to set an older API version.
  5. Fetch NAT rules - Select this option to fetch the NAT rules from F5 iControl REST and associate them with the Virtual Servers.

To learn more about Adapter Configuration tab advanced settings, see Adapter Advanced Settings.


Axonius uses the Authentication with the F5 REST API.

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