Working with Dashboard Spaces
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Working with Dashboard Spaces

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The design and purpose of the Axonius dashboard is to give immediate insights based on existing saved queries. The dashboard helps provides a single, consolidated, and central graphical place to monitor and absorb insights regarding all assets (devices, users) based on saved queries designed to shed light on desired policy, breach of policy and any other questions regarding asset management.

The Axonius dashboard consists of Dashboard Spaces. Each Dashboard Space is represented by a tab in the dashboard page.

The Axonius dashboard page opens by default every time you login to Axonius. You can open the dashboard page by clicking the image.png icon on the left navigation panel.


Axonius includes two default dashboard spaces: My Dashboard and Axonius Dashboard. Axonius Dashboard is the default space displayed.

The table below summaries the different dashboard spaces types:

Space Type Space Default Name Space Default Panels Personal/Public Renamable? Removable?
Axonius Dashboard Axonius Dashboard Axonius default panels. Public – users with Add chart, Edit charts and Delete chart permissions can add and delete panels. Yes No
My Dashboard My Dashboard None - space is empty by default. Personal – All users with View dashboard permissions can add and delete panels. No No
Custom Space Space N

N is a sequential number, used to distinguish between multiple spaces, if have not been renamed.
None - space is empty by default. Public – users with the following permissions can rename spaces, add and delete spaces and panels:
- Add chart
- Edit charts
- Delete chart
- Add space
- Delete space
Yes Yes

You can add new panels to each space, add additional dashboard spaces for your needs, rename and delete existing ones:

  • Add custom panel - for details, see Custom Panels.
  • Add - click Add Space to add a new empty space.
  • Manage Spaces - Admin users also have the Manage Spaces option added to the Add Space button.
    This option enables different space management options as described in Manage Dashboard Spaces.
  • Space Menu - When you select a space tab, a menu icon image.png will be visible:
    Click it to open the menu with the following options:
    • Delete - Choose this to delete the current space. You can only delete custom dashboard spaces.
    • Edit - Choose this to open the Edit space dialog where you can:
      • Rename the space. It is recommended to give a unique name to each space.
      • Edit Space access permissions. By default, all custom spaces have Public access as described in the table above. It is possible to select only specific Roles which will have access to this space.

Users with the Admin role will always have access to all spaces.

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