• 08 Mar 2022
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Article Summary

Censys monitors infrastructure and discovers unknown assets across the Internet.


  1. Censys Domain (required) - should be kept as 'censys.io'.
  2. Free Tier (required, default: False) - Check this if you are using the free version of Censys (which has a limit of 250 API calls per month and a rate of one call per 2.5 seconds).
  3. API ID and API Secret (required) - Your Censys API ID and secret values as specified in the Required Permissions section.
  4. Search Type (required, default: empty) - The Censys search type to perform, which can be ipv4 or websites.
  5. Search Query (required, default: empty) - A Censys search query following their syntax guide for the Search Type you selected (ipv4 or websites).
  6. HTTPS Proxy (optional, default: empty) - A proxy to use when connecting to the value supplied in Hostname or IP Address.
    • If supplied, Axonius will utilize the proxy when connecting to the value supplied in Censys Domain.
    • If not supplied, Axonius will connect directly to the value supplied in Censys Domain.
  7. For details on the common adapter connection parameters and buttons, see Adding a New Adapter Connection.


Required Permissions

To obtain your API ID and API Secret, log into https://censys.io/account/api and navigate to the API tab, where you should see credentials under API Credentials. Copy these values into Axonius during the Censys adapter setup, specify the query you'd like to run, click save, and the Censys adapter should be configured.


Keep in mind that Censys API calls cannot be made faster than one request per second for the basic paid version, and one request per 2.5 seconds for the free version. In addition, there is a 25,000 call-per-month limit for the basic paid version, and a 250 call-per-month limit for the free version. You may want to adjust the "Minimum number of hours until next entities fetch" setting under Advanced Adapter Settings to ensure that you do not exceed your Censys monthly quota if you are using a Censys query that returns a significant number of results (as the default global fetch setting will result in re-running this query every 12 hours).

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