Managing Enforcement Sets
  • 16 Apr 2023
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Managing Enforcement Sets

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Article Summary

The folder pane on the left side of the Enforcement Center page allows you to easily manage Enforcement Sets.


Working with Folders

Once you start working with Axonius, you might find yourself creating a large number of Enforcement Sets. You can organize them in folders to easily find related Enforcement Sets.

The All Enforcements folder includes all Enforcement Sets in the system that you're authorized to see. Note that you cannot save Enforcement Sets directly to the All Enforcements folder, only to a subfolder.

By default, all Enforcement Sets are automatically saved to the Shared Enforcements folder when they are created.

In addition, the Shared Enforcements and the Drafts folders are system folders. You can save Enforcement Sets to these folders and create new folders under the Shared Enforcements folder. You can create up to five levels of subfolders. Enforcement Sets in a subfolder also appear in the parent folder.

You can search for a folder using the Search box at the top of the Folder pane.

Creating a New Folder

To create a new folder

  1. Hover over a folder.

  2. Click the 3 dot menu. The Folder menu opens.

  3. Select New Folder. A new folder called 'untitled folder' is created inside the folder you selected.

  4. Click the Folder menu again, and select Rename to give a more appropriate name to your folder.

Renaming Folders

To rename a new folder

  1. Hover over a folder.
  2. Click the 3 dot menu. The Folder menu opens.
  3. Select Rename and give a new name to the folder.

Moving Folders

To move a subfolder from one folder to another, click and drag the subfolder to a different folder.

Deleting Folders

You can delete any folders that you have created. System folders cannot be deleted.
To delete a folder

  1. Hover over a folder.
  2. Click the 3 dot menu. The Folder menu opens.
  3. Click Delete.
Deleting a folder does delete all Enforcement Sets in the folder. This cannot be undone. To delete the folder but keep the Enforcement Sets, move them to another folder and then delete the folder you don't want.

Moving Enforcement Sets to Another Folder

You can move selected Enforcement Sets from the All Enforcements or Shared Enforcements folder or subfolder, to another Shared Enforcements subfolder. You cannot move Enforcement Sets from the Drafts or Quick Actions subfolders.

To move Enforcement Sets to another folder

  1. On the Enforcement Center page, select one or more Enforcement Sets. When at least one is selected, the Actions menu options become available.
  2. Click the Actions menu.
  3. From the Actions menu, select Move To Folder. A Folder List dropdown opens.


  1. Use the vertical and horizontal scrollbars to find the destination folder you want or search for a specific folder by entering part or all of its name in Search Folders.
  2. Click the destination folder, and then click Move. The Enforcement Sets are moved to the selected folder.

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