Asset Actions
  • 20 Mar 2023
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Asset Actions

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Once you have created queries and investigated assets and their adherence to policies, you can perform actions on a single selected assset or in bulk on assets you select:

  1. On the Devices or Users page, select one or more asset. When at least one asset is selected, the Actions button is displayed above the query results table.
  2. To perform an action, click Actions and then click the action you want to run.


Axonius supports the following device actions:

Adding Custom Fields

You can add custom fields to one or more assets at the same time.

Refer to Working with Custom Data to learn about adding custom fields to assets.


Use tags to assign context to your assets for granular filters and queries. Apply new or existing tags to the selected devices. The list of selected tags is applied to all selected devices. Therefore, tagging may result in the removal of existing tags from one or from several of the selected devices.
Refer to Working with Tags to learn about working with Tags on Devices.



Delete selected devices from Axonius. Deleted devices may be added again to Axonius if they are discovered in any future discovery cycle.

Manually correlate at least two device records and consolidate their details into a single device.


Manual linkage cannot be reverted. It will not be overridden by the next correlation. However, manually linking devices can be overridden if the Axonius correlation logic determines two linked assets should be distinct assets.

Unlink and break the different device adapter sources into several separate devices, with each individual entry referring to data received from a single adapter. For example, if a device has been correlated from three different adapters, unlinking that device will result in three different unlinked devices.


Any manually unlinked devices may be relinked the next time the Axonius has correlated devices as part of a discovery cycle or data fetch from a specific adapter connection, if the correlation logic determines to do so.

Enforce - Create New Enforcement

Create a new enforcement set from the Devices page with a Main Action that will run on the entities you selected ('custom selection').
When you select this option, a drawer is opened that lets you configure the following:

  1. Enforcement set name.
  2. Main Action - Select an action from the Action Library, to be performed when the enforcement set is executed.


Once configured, click Save and Run to save the enforcement set and to generate an enforcement task that will run on the entities you have selected.

For more details, see Creating Enforcement Sets.

Enforce - Use Existing Enforcement

From the list, select one of the existing Enforcement Sets and click Run.
For more details, see Enforcement Center Page

Filter Out from Query Results

Filter out the selected devices from the query results. Once filtered out, the Query Wizard will add a new Filtered out from query result line. Click Clear to restore the filtered out devices.

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