Deploy Files and Run Windows Shell Command
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Deploy Files and Run Windows Shell Command

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The Deploy Files and Run Windows Shell Command action deploys an optional list of selected files and runs a command line on each of the query results entities, which are windows devices.

To configure the Deploy Files and Run Windows Shell Command action, from the Action Library, click Deploy Files and Run Commands, and then click Deploy Files and Run Windows Shell Command.


Connection Settings

  1. Use stored credentials from the Active Directory adapter (required, default: False) - Select this option to use the first connected Microsoft Active Directory (AD) adapter credentials.
  2. User and Password (optional, default: empty) - Provide credentials to connect and to execute the command on the windows device: user name and password.
  1. DNS Servers (optional, default: empty) - Specify a comma-separated list of DNS servers to be used to resolve the hostnames in the saved query supplied as a trigger (or devices that have been selected in the asset table).

    • If supplied, Axonius will use the specified DNS server to resolve the devices' hostnames. For each asset, the first response will be the one to be used.
    • If not supplied or if no response has been received from any of the specified DNS servers, the default DNS server will be used.
  2. Command (optional, default: empty) - Specify the command you want to run on the windows device. Add a condition to the command to print the result into the Command Name field.

  3. Command name (optional, default: empty) - Specify the field name to be added to the device. This new device field will be populated if a condition has been added in the command field.

  4. Files to deploy (optional, default: empty) - To deploy files on the device, use the following controls to upload one or more files:

    • 'Choose file' - to choose a file to be upload.
    • '+' - to upload additional file.
    • 'x' - to remove the uploaded file.
    The uploaded files are deployed to the c:\windows\axonius folder. When uploaded, if a file with the same name already exists, it is overridden by the new uploaded file. Uploaded files are not automatically deleted.

For more details on other available Enforcement actions, see Action Library.
For more details on Enforcement Set configuration, see Enforcement Set configuration.

Required Ports

The following ports should be opened:

  • 135 RPC
  • 445 SMB
  • Random port in the range: 1024-65535
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