Create ServiceNow Computer
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Create ServiceNow Computer

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The Create ServiceNow Computer action creates a computer in ServiceNow for each of the query result entities.

To configure the Create ServiceNow Computer action, do as follows:

  1. From the Action Library, click Create CMDB Computer, and then click Create ServiceNow Computer.


  1. Define a unique action name.
  2. To use the first connected ServiceNow adapter credentials, select the Use ServiceNow Adapter checkbox. Otherwise, provide credentials to connect ServiceNow: domain, user name and password.
    To use this option, you must successfully configure a ServiceNow adapter connection.
  3. You can choose whether to verify the SSL certificate of the server. By defualt, verify SSL checkbox is selected.
  4. You can configure to connect to a proxy instead of directly connecting it to the domain.
  5. You can control the table that the CI will be created in (Deafult value: cmdb_ci_computer).
  6. If you are using multi-nodes, choose the Axonius node to use to interact with the adapter when executing the enforcement action.
  7. Save the action.

When the Create ServiceNow Computer action creates a computer in ServiceNow for each of the query results entities, the computer in ServiceNow is created with a set of attributes populated based on the following mapping:

Axonius Device Field ServiceNow Attribute
Asset Name / Host Name name
Device Manufacuter manufacturer
Device Manufacuter Serial / BIOS Serial serial_number
Network Interfaces: IPs ip_address
Network Interfaces: MAC mac_address
OS Type os

For more details on other Enforcements available actions, see Action Library.
For more details on Enforcement Set configuration, see Enforcement Set configuration.

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