Managing Service Accounts
  • 16 Jan 2023
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Managing Service Accounts

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Use Service Accounts to manage accounts that will only connect to the system using API.
You can generate the API key, the API secret and assign roles.

Creating a Service Account

  1. From the System Settings, click Manage Service Accounts; the Service Accounts page opens.

  2. Click Add Service Account, the New Service Account drawer opens.

  3. Enter a name for the Service Account. This is a mandatory name and cannot be changed once you set it.

  4. Type a description. (optional) describes what the Service Account does in the system.

  5. Select a role that defines what this Service Account can do. Only roles with API access are available.

  6. Click Save; the API key and API secret are generated and displayed.

    The API Secret is not saved anywhere on the Axonius system. You have to copy it as it is not kept and cannot be recovered. Use Copy to copy the API Secret to a safe place, or manage it using a key management system.

  7. Click Close, the new Service Account is created and is now displayed on the Service Account page.

Service Accounts Table

You can find the following information on the Service Accounts Table:

  • Service account name - the name of the Service Account.
  • Description (optional) – description of what the user can do.
  • Role – the role that defines what this API user can do. Only roles with API Access permission may be associated with a Service Account.
  • API key – The API key generated by the system for this user.
  • Key Creation time – the time the key was created. This parameter is useful to renew the key according to your organization’s policy.
  • Last used – The date the account was last used. The timestamp is updated for every action that the Service Account does in the system and if the user never logged in, it is 'Never'.
  • Last updated - the time and date the account was last updated.

Editing the Service Account

You can edit the Service Account.

  1. Click a Service Account, the Service Account drawer opens.
  2. You can edit the details.
  3. You cannot change the API key.

It is not possible to change the API key. If you want to change the API key, you must change the API key and its API secret.

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