• 12 Feb 2024
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Chef provides continuous automation for building, deploying, and managing infrastructure, compliance, and applications in modern, legacy, and hybrid environments.

Adapter Parameters

  1. Chef Domain (required) - The hostname of the Chef server.

  2. Organization (required) - The name of your organization as it appears in Chef.

  3. Client and Client Key File (pem) (required) - Axonius uses the username and the key file of a Chef user for authorization. See below instructions.

  4. Verify SSL - Select whether to verify the SSL certificate of the server against the CA database inside of Axonius. For more details, see SSL Trust & CA Settings.


Creating a User in Chef for Axonius Usage

There are 2 options for creating a User:

  • Create a user through Chef Manage (Chef Web UI). Follow the steps here to create this user and retrieve its key file.
  • Create a user through the command line. Follow the steps here to create the user and generate the client key file. Keep the key file in a safe place.

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