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Article Summary

Use the Licenses page to see a consolidated view of all Licenses for SaaS applications detected in your organization. Licenses are added automatically using data from your organization's applications. You can also manually add licenses when they are not added automatically; either one at a time or in bulk via CSV adapter. The Licenses page delivers increased management and oversight over the various SaaS licenses used in your organization.

It can help you understand:

  • Utilization of the licenses in your organization
  • Which licenses are active
  • What are your upcoming renewals
  • And more


Click the Assets icon Asset_Icon1 and from the left-pane, select Licenses.

The Licenses page opens displaying the default view. Not all of the fields are displayed by default. Use Edit Columns to add or remove columns. Each user can customize what fields appear in their own, personalized default view. For more information, see Setting Page Columns Displays.

Click the arrow next to any of the fields to see more details about that field.

Adapter Connections

Licenses are added automatically using data from your organization's discovered licenses. You can also manually add licenses via a CSV adapter. T

The icon in the Adapter Connections column indicates what source Axonius is drawing its data from for any of the displayed licenses (Zoom, Google, Okta, etc). License data can also be manually uploaded through the CSV adapter (for more information, see CSV - Licenses.)

License Fields

There are many fields that you can view and query on the Licenses page. This includes the following fields:

  • Application - The specific application the license applies to.
  • Is Active License - Indicates if the license is active or expired.
  • License Payment - Indicates if the license is Free or Paid.
  • Subscription Term - Indicates if the license renewal plan is a Monthly Renewal, Annual Renewal, Expiration, or Other.
  • Quantity - Shows the number of licenses of that type.
  • Unit Price - The price for each individual license.
  • Total Cost - The Unit Price * Quantity.
  • License estimated total monthly cost (USD) - The license's average cost per month.
  • License estimated total yearly cost (USD) - The license's average cost per year.
  • Start Date - The license's starting date.
  • End Date - The license's ending date.

Manually Add Licenses

For licenses that are not added automatically with an adapter, you can manually add the license records in your system.

To Manually add a license

  1. In the Licenses page, click Elipses and select Create new asset.
  2. Enter the fields for the license you want to create. The following fields are required for new licenses:
    • Application
    • Name
    • End Date
    • Subscription Term
    • Total Cost
      For descriptions of License fields, see the list of License fields.
  3. Click Save Changes.

For more information on manually creating assets, see Manually Creating an Asset.

Creating Queries on Licenses

The Query Wizard on the License page allows you to create a unique set of queries. You can query fields such as the application, adapter connections, or License Payment. Refer to Creating Queries with the Queries Wizard to learn more about creating queries.

For example, this query enables you to determine how many active licenses for applications in your SaaS environment are approaching their end date or actual renewal date:

Licenses Query

After running the query, the table shows the relevant licenses, filtered by the criteria you defined in your query.

Adding Custom Data to a License

You can add custom fields to one or more licenses at the same time. You can use this to manually add a License Cost field or other data that's specific to your organization.

Select one or more licenses, and from the Actions menu, choose Add Custom Fields.

Refer to Working with Custom Data to learn about adding custom fields.

Add Tags to a License

Use tags to assign context to your licenses for granular filters and queries. Apply new or existing tags to the selected licenses. The list of selected tags is applied to all selected licenses.

Refer to Working with Tags to learn about adding tags to licenses.

View a License Profile

You can click on an individual asset in Licenses to see all its relevant data. For more information, see Asset Profile Page.

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