Users Page
  • 20 Aug 2023
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Users Page

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Article Summary

The Users page displays all the users that were fetched for the query run. The query name is displayed above the search bar. If no query was chosen, the page displays all users.

Click the Assets icon Asset_Icon1 and from the left-pane, select Users.


User entities refer to identities used in the organization for authentication and ownership of devices, therefore user information is collected and correlated from different adapters that hold identity information like Microsoft Active Directory, Google Mobile Management (G-Suite), Okta and others.

For each User the query results table displays multiple columns, with the left most being the Adapters column.

The Adapters column displays the icons of the adapters that user has been seen from, and is considered by Axonius as the correlation of data from different adapters to the same user.

You can set the columns displayed on the page, and freeze specific columns so that they are not scrolled. The Adapter Connections column is frozen by default. Refer to Setting Page Columns Display. For Users, fields are different representing properties suitable for users entities.

Performing Actions on Users

Select one or more users and use the options in the Actions menu to perform various actions. Refer to Asset Actions

The structure of the Users page and navigating it are as same as all the Assets pages.
For more details on the different elements and the navigation in the Users page, see Assets page.

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