Using the Syntax Helper
  • 09 Mar 2023
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Using the Syntax Helper

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Field names in Enforcement Action condition statements must be the field name as it is used in the Axonius database. The Syntax Helper makes it easy to find the proper field name, both a field from the Action form itself or a field from one of the Adapters.

To use a field name from the Action form

  1. Click Syntax Helper. The fields in the Enforcement Action page are listed in the Action Form Field section.
  2. Hover over one of the Action Form fields and click the copy icon that appears to the right. The field name is copied to the system clipboard.
  3. Click Close and paste the field name into the condition definition statement.


To use a field name from an Adapter

  1. Click Syntax Helper. In the Adapter Fields section near the bottom of the Syntax Helper, you can select a field from an Adapter.
  2. Select the Adapter from the Adapters list and then select one of the Adapter fields from the Select Adapter Field list. The asset type is automatically selected to be the same as that selected when configuring the Action Query.
  3. Click the copy icon to the right, click Close and then paste the field name into the condition definition statement.

Custom Data Fields in the Syntax Helper

When you select a type of custom data field to create, the field name depends on the selected field type. Custom data fields appear in the Syntax Helper. Make sure you select the correct field.

See Working with Custom Data for more information about custom data fields.

The following table lists the field types and their field names as they appear in the Syntax Helper:

Value Type Notes
String form.field_value
Boolean form.field_on
List String form.field_list.value
Integer form.field_integer
Float form.field_number
List Integer form.field_list_number.value
List Date form.field_list_date.value
Specific Date form.field_date.specific device all then form.field_date.specific set_value "20/11/74" sets the date to 20 November 1974 for all devices returned by the query.

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