Configuring the Axonius Platform
  • 22 Sep 2022
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Configuring the Axonius Platform

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Once the virtual appliance has been installed, complete the following configuration steps:

  1. Setting the IP address
  2. Logging on and signup
  3. Connecting adapters

1. Setting the IP address

If installing in AWS, the IP address is set automatically. Therefore you can skip this step

Once the virtual appliance has been installed, the VMware console window can be used to configure a static IP address – or to view the dynamically assigned IP address if DHCP is being used. Do not set an IP address in the range of 172.16.x.x.


Use the credentials, provided by your Axonius account representative, in the terminal to use the networking configuration wizard. 
You will then see the following screen:


Follow the wizard steps to configure the networking settings of the machine:

  1. From the interface list, enter the required interface number.
  • ESX default Interface naming convention – eth0, eth1, etc.
  • Linux default Interface naming convention – ens33, ens34, etc.
  1. Enter interface type:
  • "DHCP" for dynamic IP
  • "static" for static IP configuration
  1. If you selected "DHCP" for dynamic IP, you can find the dynamically assigned IP by using the SSH credentials below and executing the "ifconfig" command.

2. Logging On and Signup

Logging on the Web UI

After you have configured the IP address, use Google Chrome to access the Web UI from any device:

  1. Navigate to the IP via the HTTPS protocol (e.g.
  2. Axonius requires you to upload a license file as described in internal documentation.
    The Signup page opens.


  1. As part of the initial Axonius signup, you are required to configure the admin user, by providing the following information:
    a. Organization name
    b. Email address - that address will be used by Axonius as communication channel
    c. Password – set and confirm the admin password
  2. To save the admin user configuration, click the Get Started button.

Logging on Using SSH

SSH Client (Optional): PuTTY and WinSCP – through port 22.

Login with the default user and password credentials provided by your Axonius account representative.

The default SSH password will be changed automatically once the appliance registers with the Axonius Cloud. If you require shell access to the appliance, please request the password from your Axonius Sales Engineer or Support Engineer.

3. Connecting Adapters

After accessing Axonius through a browser, proceed to connect the relevant adapters.
For each adapter that will be used, please provide the relevant access credentials. The details will vary by adapter, but will include some combination of:

  1. IP Addresses
  2. Usernames
  3. Passwords
  4. Key Files
  5. Any other credentials needed to access the adapters being used

For details on connecting adapters procedure, see the Adapter page.

Some adapters require additional steps to gain the relevant connection details, such as generating API keys or other steps. To understand the required actions for connecting each adapter, open its connection documentation page. For more details, see Adapters List.

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