Configuring Jira Settings
  • 22 May 2023
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Configuring Jira Settings

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Article Summary

To configure Jira settings:

  1. From the top right corner of any page, click image.png. The System Settings page opens.
  2. In the Categories/Subcategories pane of the System Settings page, expand External Integrations, and select Jira.


  • Use Jira (required, default: switched off) - Toggle on to use Jira. This is a prerequisite to configure an Enforcement Set with a Create Jira Issue and Create Jira Issue Per Entity enforcement actions.

    To integrate Axonius with Jira, you need to do the following:

  • For Jira Cloud Users

    1. Log in to Jira and use the following URL to generate an API token:


    1. On the Jira Settings page in Axonius, specify the Jira domain, User name, and API Token.
  • For Jira On-prem/Jira hosted users
    1. Obtain the Personal Access Token from the account. Refer to Using Personal Access Tokens for information about obtaining the Personal Access Token.
    2. On the Jira Settings page in Axonius, enter the Jira domain and Personal Access Token.

For all users
3. Choose whether to verify the SSL certificate of the server. By default, the Verify SSL checkbox is unselected.
4. Choose whether the assignee name or ID is to be used in Assignee fields.

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