Identity Overview
  • 11 Apr 2024
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Identity Overview

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Article Summary

The Identify category is a category for Identity related assets.
They include:

  • Users - Assets of user objects from different sources.
  • Groups - Assets to describe users' groups (usually for permissions purposes). Fetched by adapters such as Monday, Active Directory, AWS, Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD)​, etc.
  • Roles - Assets describing roles that can be attached to other services to influence permissions. Fetched by adapters such as Monday, AWS.
  • Accounts - Accounts related to different sources. Fetched by adapters such as Monday, AWS, Google Cloud Platform (GCP).
  • Certificates - Assets related to digital documents issued by trusted entities, such as certificate authorities (CAs), to authenticate the identity of individuals, organizations, or entities in online communications. They contain cryptographic keys and information verifying the holder's identity, enabling secure and encrypted connections over the internet. Certificates are essential for establishing trust, ensuring data confidentiality, and protecting against unauthorized access and tampering.
  • Permissions - User related permissions that were discovered from SaaS applications. Fetched by adapters such as Okta, Microsoft EntraID, AWS and more.

Each Identity type is presented on its own page.

Association Fields

Association fields pull data from one asset to display in an associated asset. The following Association fields exist between the asset entities in this section:
AD Group Members - This field displays the AD users who belong to this group. For each user, the field shows their username, email, Internal User ID, and SID. You can also choose to display just one of these parameters.

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