Chart Actions
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Chart Actions

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The Axonius dashboard charts consist the following actions:



This action lets you edit the chart configuration. This action is applicable only to custom charts.


This actions lets you delete the chart and remove it from the current space. This action is applicable only to custom charts.

Export to CSV

This action lets you export the chart data to CSV file. This action is applicable only for Field Segmentation charts, Adapter Segmentation charts and Query Timeline charts.

Move or Copy

This action lets you either copy or move a chart to a desired space. This action is applicable only to custom charts.
When selected, a Move or Copy dialog opens, lets you select the space which the chart will be copied or moved.
Uncheck the Create an copy checkbox to move the chart.



Added a configurable default sort to the Field Segmentation and Query Comparison bar charts.

  • This new configuration lets you determine the default sort of data for bar charts.
  • The available sort options are:
    • Sort by Value (Descending/Ascending) - Sorts by the segment size.
    • Sort by Name (Descending/Ascending): Sorts by the segment title.
  • The default sort can be also changed via the chart menu.



This action lets you to refresh the chart data.

Display Historical Data

Axonius saves daily “snapshots” of all the collected data.
You can use this historical data to view any query in the Devices screen, in the Users screen and dashboard insights relevant to a specific day in history.

To view dashboard panel results for specific date, click the Chart Filters button and then click the Select historical date field.
A date picker control opens, enabling you to select the desired data. By default, the latest day for which data was collected is displayed.


Notice that only dates with collected data are enabled as options for choice.
To clear the historical view and set back to latest, click Clear Filters.

Drag and Drop

Hover over the icon on the bottom of the chart, and use drag-and-drop to reorder the charts in the spaces.

Pie Chart Legend

Open and close the pie chart legend by clicking image.png

  • The legend contains data labels for each of the pie chart slices.
  • Each data label displays the slice label, number or results and the percentage of the slice size out of the total.
  • Data labels are clickable. Clicking a data label will redirect you to the Devices or to the Users page displaying the corresponding list of assets.
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