Greenbone Vulnerability Management (OpenVAS)
  • 08 Mar 2022
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Greenbone Vulnerability Management (OpenVAS)

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Article Summary

Greenbone Vulnerability Management (OpenVAS) is a software framework including several services and tools for vulnerability scanning and vulnerability management.


  1. OpenVAS host (required) - The hostname or IP address of the Greenbone Vulnerability Management (OpenVAS) server, for example
  2. OpenVAS user name and OpenVAS password (required) - The user name and password for an account to connect to Greenbone Vulnerability Management (OpenVAS).
  3. Port - (optional, default: 443) - The port used in the connection.
  4. For details about the common adapter connection parameters and buttons, see Adding a New Adapter Connection.


Required Permissions

The adapter connects to the GSA (Greenbone Security Assistant) web UI to perform operations. Modify the GSAD configuration on the OpenVAS / Greenbone host to connect to the GSA web UI from the Axonius host.

The value supplied in OpenVAS user name must have the following permissions to fetch assets:

  • authenticate
  • get_assets
  • get_results, commands

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