Switching Data Scopes
  • 23 Apr 2023
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Switching Data Scopes

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Article Summary

In Axonius, each user is assigned to one Data Scope. Users with the Move between data scopes permission can enter another Data Scope temporarily, if necessary, without having to log in as a different user. This can be useful to solve issues and test Data Scope definition.

  • This permission is enabled by default for Admin users.
  • Enabling the Move between data scopes permission to a user that does not have access to System settings, will still enable the user access to the Data Scopes tab within System Settings.
  • Any user with the Move between data scopes permission will see all Data Scopes listed in the Data Scopes list even if they do not have access to System Settings.
  • All actions performed while connected as this Data Scope are logged with an indication that they were performed in the selected Data Scope.

The following actions are not available when connected to a Data Scope, even if the user has the relevant permissions:

  • Creating and assigning users
  • Changes to System Settings
  • Viewing Activity logs
  • Creating, using or editing Asset Scope queries

Items created by a user accessing another Data Scope will be available only when in that specific scope. This inlcudes:

  • Queries
  • Dashboards
  • Reports
  • Enforcement Sets

To switch to a different Data Scope

  1. From the top right corner of any page, click image.png. The System Settings page opens.

  2. In the Categories/Subcategories pane of the System Settings page, expand User and Role Management, and select Data Scopes.

  3. In the Data Scopes page, select the Data Scope that you want to enter.

  4. In the header of the Data Scope drawer, click Connect as Data Scope.


  5. In the Connect to another Data Scope popup, click Yes, connect.

    You are connected to the selected Data Scope. A yellow banner at the top of the window lets you know to which Data Scope you are connected.


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