Nmap Security Scanner
  • 20 Nov 2023
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Nmap Security Scanner

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Article summary

Nmap Security Scanner is a free and open source utility for network discovery and security auditing.

The Nmap Security Scanner adapter is able to import Nmap XML files with information about devices.

The adapter parameters are as same as the CSV Legacy Remote File Configuration, except for the File contains users information and the File contains installed software information parameters. These fields are not part of the Nmap Security Scanner adapter configuration, as the adapter provides devices data only, without any information on the installed software.

The functionality of this adapter is as same as the CSV adapter.

Note the following changes to CSV configuration:
Path to resource (SMB/URL/Folder path) (optional) - Specify an SMB share path, HTTP(S) URL, FTP URL, or folder path where a file can be fetched for this connection. This must be the entire PATH plus the FILE to pull from in order to work.
File Name - Any text can be entered in this field

Fetching .xml Files Recursively

In Nmap you can fetch xml files recursively from a remote AWS S3 directory.

To configure this do the following:

  1. In Amazon S3 object location (key) enter the path of the S3 directory.

  2. Fill in all the AWS credentials in the following fields:

    • Amazon S3 Access Key ID
    • Amazon S3 Secret Access Key
    • Amazon S3 bucket name

The system will now fetch all Nmap .xml fields (recursively) that exist under the S3 directory path.


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