Cloud Health
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Cloud Health

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Cloud Health is a cloud management platform to analyze and manage cloud cost, usage, security, and governance.


  1. Cloud Health Domain (required, default: - The hostname of the Cloud Health server.
  2. API Key (required, default: empty) - The API Key generated through the Cloud Health web interface. Details on API requirments below.



For details on the common adapter connection parameters and buttons, see Adding a New Adapter Connection.


Axonius uses the Cloud Health API.

How to generate an API Key

  1. Click on My Profile in your user settings.

  2. In your profile settings, scroll to the API Key section and click Get API Key. Then click Save Profile Changes.

How to create a read only user for Axonius

In cases that a deticated user is required follow the steps bellow

  1. Create Axonius User Role
    • First of all, Axonius user is Standard User (read only user) who can also generate api key for himself
    • In the left menu bar go to Setup -> Admin -> Roles
    • Copy the Standard User profile
      Name - "Axonius User"
      Description - "Standard User with Generate API Key privileges"
      Check the box under
    • All Privileges -> Setup -> Generate API Key Profile
    • Save the profile
  2. Create Axonius User
    • In the left menu bar go to Setup -> Admin -> Users
    • Press on the right corner of the screen "+ INVITE USER"
      Full Name - Axonius User
      Email Address -
      Role - Axonius User
      Organization -
    • Press "Invite User"
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