What's New in Axonius 6.1.8
  • 19 May 2024
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What's New in Axonius 6.1.8

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Article summary

Release Date: March 31st 2024

These Release Notes contain new features and enhancements added in version 6.1.8

Assets Pages

The following features were added to all assets pages:

Query Wizard Enhancements

WHERE and WHERE NOT Operators

Users can now select WHERE and WHERE NOT operators for child expressions in Asset Entity (ENT) and Complex (OBJ) Queries.

Administrator Settings New Features and Enhancements

The following updates were made to various Administrator settings:

New SAML Setting: Using ADFS Compatible URLs

The ability has been added to use ADFS compatible URLs.

New System Setting: Session Lifetime Settings

Use Session Lifetime Settings to require users to reauthenticate after a specified period of time. A notification can be configured to give users time to save any unsaved work. A notification for an Axonius session in an inactive browser tab can also be configured.

General Updates

Tunnels and Collectors Rebranding

We're thrilled to initiate a significant transformation by updating the terminology for our fundamental deployment tools – Tunnels and Collectors. This enhancement aims to streamline operations and accurately represent their functionalities.

Tunnels have been renamed Gateway Nodes and Collectors were renamed Compute Nodes.
Gateways are used to enable fetching from a data source that cannot be reached network wise and are used for hosted customers to access information within their internal organizational network. The Manage Tunnels page in System Configuration was renamed Gateways.
Compute Nodes are an Axonius instance that enables horizontal decentralization of the load. Therefore, they can be used for Customer-hosted (on-premise / private cloud) instances when more computing resources are needed. The Instances page was renamed Manage Nodes.

Enforcement Center New Features and Enhancements

The following new features and enhancements were added to the Enforcement Center:

Management of Enforcement Sets Scheduling

New Turn Scheduling On and Turn Scheduling Off actions, available under the More Actions menu item: Manage Scheduling, enable turning on/off scheduling of one or more Enforcement Sets directly from the Enforcement Sets table.


Manage Custom Enrichment - Enrich Assets with CSV File Enforcement Action

New option added to the Manage Custom Enrichment - Enrich assets with CSV file enforcement action to write enriched values into "enriched: field name" under the EC artifacts adapter.

Enhancements to Axonius Actions

The Enforcement Action required and additional fields now appear under the Required Fields and Additional Fields tabs.

Findings Center New Features and Enhancements

The following new features and enhancements were added to the Findings Center:

  • It is now possible to view muted alerts in the Findings Center - Alerts table, in addition to the already presented unmuted alerts, by toggling off the new Hide muted alerts toggle.

  • In the Alert drawer of unmuted alerts, a Related Assets table has been added with the details of each asset related to the alert. It is also possible to navigate to the Assets page to view these assets.

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