Creating a Query on-the-Fly
  • 27 Nov 2023
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Creating a Query on-the-Fly

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Article Summary

When selecting the asset module in chart configuration, instead of selecting an existing saved query, you can create a query on-the-fly using filters. Once you have the filters how you want them, use the Asset Preview to save the filters as a new saved query.

On-the-fly query is available on all charts that have the filter option.

To create an on-the-fly query:

  1. In the chart configuration pane, for each query, select an asset module type. Once this is selected, the Filter becomes enabled for that query.

  2. Leave the query selection empty and click the Filter icon.

  3. In the filter box, set the filter parameters. Click + to add more lines.

    See Creating Queries with the Query Wizard for more about the options in this box.

  4. Click Close to close the Filter box and apply the filter to the chart. A red dot on the Filter icon indicates that a filter has been applied.

  5. To save this filter as a new saved query, click the chart section that represents that filter. Then, in the Asset Preview, click Save As, and in the Save as a New Query window, fill in the options you want and click Save. The filter is now a saved query and can be found in the Queries page.

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