Axonius 6.1 Ongoing Adapter and Enforcement Action Updates
  • 25 Feb 2024
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Axonius 6.1 Ongoing Adapter and Enforcement Action Updates

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Article Summary

The following includes new Adapters and Enforcement Actions and ongoing updates to Adapters and Enforcement Actions as they are added to Axonius 6.1

New Adapters

The following new adapters were added:

  • 3Play Media
    • 3Play Media offers video accessibility services through transcription, captioning, and audio description. (Fetches: Users) (
  • A Cloud Guru
    • A Cloud Guru is an online learning platform that specializes in teaching cloud computing and related technologies. (Fetches: Users) (
  • Amplitude
    • Amplitude is a digital analytics platform that tracks and analyzes user behavior across various platforms. (Fetches: Users) (
  • Anecdotes
    • Anecdotes is a compliance management platform. (Fetches: Devices) (
  • Apple App Store Connect
    • Apple App Store Connect is a platform for developers to manage, release, and report on their iOS apps. (Fetches: Devices) (
  • Atlassian Confluence
    • Atlassian Confluence provides information on Confluence entities, like pages and blog posts, spaces, users, groups, and more. (Fetches: Users) (
  • Claroty Cloud
    • Claroty Cloud is a cyber-physical security (CPS) platform for IoT security. (Fetches: Devices) (
  • Mimecast - V2
    • Mimecast provides a mail management system designed to protect email, ensure access and simplify the tasks of managing email. (Fetches: Users) (
  • Proxyclick
    • Proxyclick App is a visitor management system that helps companies digitize the check-in process for employees, contractors, and visitors. (Fetches: Users) (
    • NTT SPEKTRA (Sentient Platform for Network Transformation) is a managed network services platform. (Fetches: Devices) (
  • UnifiedFX PhoneView
    • UnifiedFX PhoneView is a Cisco Preferred Solutions Partner which offers Cisco Phone Management Software. (Fetches: Devices) (
  • Veritas NetBackup
    • Veritas NetBackup is an enterprise backup solution offering data management, automation, artificial intelligence, and elastic architecture. (Fetches: Devices) (
  • Zscaler Client Connector
    • Zscaler Client Connector enables secure access to business applications from any device. (Fetches: Devices) (

Updated Adapters

The following adapters were enhanced:

  • Airlock Digital - Added the option to fetch information about group policies. (
  • Aruba ClearPass - Added the option to set endpoint devices as network infrastructure devices. (
  • BambooHR - Added the capability to enter the name of the LOA employee table to fetch from. (
  • CrowdStrike Falcon - Added the option to enable the parsing of vulnerability descriptions (disabled by default). (
  • CrowdStrike Falcon Discover
    • Added the capability to only fetch applications used in the selected amount of days. (
    • Added the option to configure a pattern to apply to an interface alias in order to identify a historical IP address and record it separately from current IP addresses. (
  • CyberArk Privileged Account Security
    • Added the option to fetch the activities for each account. (
    • Added the option to fetch additional data about each account. (
  • ForeScout CounterACT
    • Added the option to fetch device segments using Forescout Admin API. (
    • Added the option to enter credentials for Forescout Admin API. (
  • Fortinet FortiGate - Added the option to fetch VPN SSL sessions as Devices. (
  • GoDaddy - Added support for the GoDaddy v2 API. (
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP) - Added the option to fetch all Google Cloud Compute Disk Images, Snapshots and Templates. (
  • Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD) and Microsoft Intune - The name of the 'Microsoft Azure AD and Microsoft Intune' adapter was changed to Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD) and Microsoft Intune in line with changes by Microsoft. (
  • Netskope - Added permissions for endpoints that are required in order to use API V2. (
  • Rapid7 InsightIDR - Added the option to use the FQDN as a Host Name for devices. (
  • Tenable Identity Exposure (formerly - API Secret no longer required for configuration. (
  • - Added the option to fetch devices from mobile repositories. (
  • VMware Workspace ONE (AirWatch) - Added the option to fetch Smart Groups. (
  • Vulcan - Added the option to fetch vulnerabilities. (
  • Workday
    • Added the option to create users only from the custom report data. (
    • Added the option to include custom organization data. (
  • Zscaler Client Connector - Added a default value for Host name or IP address. (

For more details:

New Enforcement Actions

The following Enforcement Actions were added:
ZenDesk - Create Custom Object per Asset - Creates a custom object per asset in Zendesk for each asset that matches the parameters of the selected query or assets selected in one of the asset tables. (6.1)

Updated Enforcement Actions

The following Enforcement Actions were updated:

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