Software Approval List
  • 13 Jun 2024
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Software Approval List

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Use the Software Approval List to maintain and manage a list of software as approved or not approved in your organization, even when the software does not appear on the Software Management Module. You can create and update the Software Approval List either manually or based on a file.

Each software in the list is marked as 'Approved' or 'Not Approved'. This is displayed on the Software page in the 'Approval Status' column. You can then create queries on the Software page to identify software that is not approved and remove such software either manually, or using Enforcement Actions.


  • You need to have 'Manage Software Approval List' permissions to see this page.
  • Only users with 'Edit Software' permissions can modify the 'Software Status' field in software inventory.
  • Software Approval List is availabe only for users with Global Data Scope.

From the Software page click Software Approval List, the Software Approval List opens:

The first time you use this feature the page that opens is empty. Use Import File or Add Software to populate the list.

Creating the Software Approval List

When you first open the Software Approval List it is empty.

You can create a Software Approval List either by

  • Importing a CSV file that contains a list of Software and Approval Status
  • Manually adding Software using Add Software
  • Adding Software using Custom Fields.

Importing a CSV File

You can import a CSV file that contains a list of software, either from the empty page, or from the top of the page.
The structure of the CSV must be
Name, Vendor (optional), Approval Status value either 'Approved' or 'Not Approved'.
For example:

  1. To upload the file click Import CSV from the empty table, or click Import CSV ImportCSVButton

, a browse dialog opens.
2. Select a CSV file and click open.
3. If a combination of software name and software vendor already exist in the “Software Approval List” the value from the CSV overrides the list’s row value.

Manually Adding Software

  1. To manually add software click the Add Software button, or Add Software on the empty page. The Add Software dialog opens.


  1. Enter the name of the Software, the Vendor name, and select the status.

  2. Click Add Software, the software now appears on the list.

Adding Software Using Custom Fields

You can add the Approval Status to Software using Custom Fields

  1. On the Software page select a Software entry.
  2. From Actions select Add Custom Fields.
  3. From Field select Approval Status.


  1. From Value set either 'Approved' or 'Not Approved' and click Apply.


The table contains the following columns:

  • Name - The name of the Software (at it appears on the software page).
  • Vendor - The vendor of the Software.
  • Approval Status - The approval status - either 'Approved' or 'Not Approved'.
  • Detection Status - Displays whether this software was detected on your system.
  • Source - Shows how the Approval Status was set in Axonius:
    • Manual - Entered by editing the Approval List.
    • Imported - Imported to the Approval List using 'Import CSV file'.
    • Software Page - Entered by using a Custom Field on the Software page.
      Last Modified - The time and date the Approval Status was last modified.
      Last Modified by - The person who last modified the Approval Status information.

Searching and Filtering

You can filter the Software that is displayed.


The following filters are available:

  • Search - Type to search the table.
  • Name - Display software with a specific name.
  • Vendor - Display software from a specific vendor.
  • Approval Status - Display either software that is 'Approved' or 'Not Approved'.
  • Detection Status - Display either 'Detected' or 'Not Detected' sofware.
  • Source - Display according to source.
  • Last Modified by - Display by the person who last modified.
  • Last Modified - Display Software modified during a specific time range.

Click Reset to clear all the filters and disaply all software.

Editing the Approval Status

  1. To edit the Approval Status mouse over a row, the Edit Status button is displayed.
  2. Click Edit status and choose the status you want to update (Approved, Not Approved).


  1. You can also select one or more items, and select Edit Status

You can also edit the Software Approval Status directly from the Software page.

Editing the Software

You can edit the information about the software.

  1. To edit the information about the software, mouse over a row, the Edit button is displayed, or select an item and choose Edit.
  2. The Edit dialog opens.
  3. You can update the Software name, the Vendor or the Approval Status.
  4. Click Save Changes to save your changes.


Deleting a Row

Hover over a row and choose delete, or select one or more rows and choose Delete.
The software is removed from the Software Approval List, and the Approved/Not-approved status is removed from that software on the Software page, but all the other information remains as part of the Software Management module.

Exporting the Approval List

You can export the Approval List to a CSV file.

To export the results to a CSV file:

  • In the Software Approval List page, on the right side above the table, click Export CSV .
    The CSV file is automatically downloaded with a name format as:
    “axonius-software_approval_list< date >< time >.csv”

When you set a filter, only the filtered data is exported to the CSV file.

For general information about working with tables refer to Working with Tables.

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