Nexthink Query Language (NQL)
  • 21 Apr 2024
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Nexthink Query Language (NQL)

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Article summary

Nexthink Query Language (NQL) is a programming language developed by Nexthink for querying data from its platform.

Types of Assets Fetched

This adapter fetches the following types of assets:

  • Devices
  • Users


  1. Host Name or IP Address (required) - The hostname or IP address of the Nexthink Query Language (NQL) server.


    The url must be as follows:

    Replace instance with the name of the instance and region with the name of one of the following regions:

    • us for the United States
    • eu for the European Union
    • pac for Asia-Pacific
    • meta for the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa

    For more information, see Getting an authentication token.

  2. Client ID and Client Secret (required) - The credentials for a user account that has permission to fetch assets. For information on credentials, see API credentials.

  3. Query ID (required) - Enter the query you created in your system so that Axonius can export the necessary data. For information on creating a query, see Setting up API credentials.


    The following query is required for proper parsing of devices:
    devices during past 7d
    | list, device.entity, device.hardware.model, device.hardware.type,, device.days_since_last_seen, device.cpus, device.disks, device.gpus, device.boot.days_since_last_full_boot, device.connectivity.last_connectivity_type, device.hardware.machine_serial_number, device.location.type, device.login.last_login_user_name,, device.organization.entity

    For query information, see Nexthink Query Language (NQL).
    For data model information, see NQL data model.

  4. Verify SSL - Select whether to verify the SSL certificate of the server against the CA database inside of Axonius. For more details, see SSL Trust & CA Settings.

  5. HTTPS Proxy (optional) - Connect the adapter to a proxy instead of directly connecting it to the domain.

  6. HTTPS Proxy User Name (optional) - The user name to use when connecting to the value supplied in Host Name or IP Address via the value supplied in HTTPS Proxy.

  7. HTTPS Proxy Password (optional) - The password to use when connecting to the server using the HTTPS Proxy.

To learn more about common adapter connection parameters and buttons, see Adding a New Adapter Connection.

Nexthink Query Language NQL


Axonius uses the NQL API.

Supported From Version

Supported from Axonius version 6.1

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