Asset Table Chart
  • 11 Jan 2024
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Asset Table Chart

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Article Summary

The Asset Table chart lets you visualize a table of asset field values. You can view data for all assets of a particular type or use a query to filter which asset data to include.


To configure an Asset Table chart:

  1. In the Chart title text box, enter a title for the chart.
  2. In the Description text box, you can add an optional description.
  3. From the Widget list, select Asset Table.
  4. Under Query, select an asset type module and a query from the Query list. When an asset module is selected, but no query is selected, values are displayed for all assets of the selected module.

The fields section shows the default fields for the table, based on the selected asset or the saved query.
1. To add a filter to the query, click Filtericon1 and configure the filter(s) you want.
2. To change a field displayed in the table, in the Fields section, select an adapter and the field you want to appear in the table.
3. To add fields to this table, click AddFields_Button and select the fields you want to display.

  1. To reset the field list to the default for the selected query, click Reset to Query.
  2. To reset the field list to the default for the selected asset, click Reset to Asset.
  3. Click Save to save the configuration and add the chart to the dashboard.


The view is based on the assets tables, meaning any asset table functionality will apply.

Click on an asset in the table to view the Asset Profile page for the specific asset.

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