CSV - Expenses
  • 20 Nov 2023
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CSV - Expenses

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Article summary

CSV - Expenses File Adapter imports information about transactions related to SaaS from a CSV file.

The adapter parameters are the same as the CSV Legacy Remote File Configuration. Since the CSV - Expenses adapter provides data about transactions only, unlike the generic CSV adapter, there is no option to configure the adapter to contain information about Users, Devices, or any other type of asset.

The functionality of this adapter is the same as the CSV adapter.

Note that the Accepted CSV field names are case insensitive.

Which fields are imported with an Expenses file?

The following data is imported as part of the Expenses file.

FieldAccepted CSV Field Name(s)NotesRequired?
Transaction IDTransaction ID, Report ID, ID, Identifier, Invoice numberInternal transaction ID of the CSV’s sourceNo
Transaction dateTransaction date, Date, Invoice date, Invoice voucher dateTransaction dateYes
AmountAmount, Total amount, Expense line amount, Spend, Spend_USDTransaction amountYes
Original currencyOriginal currency, CurrencyTransaction original currencyNo (USD is the currently supported currency
Applicationvendor name, Vendor, Supplier, Supplier name, applicationThe SaaS product purchasedYes
Transaction descriptionTransaction description, Description, Comments, Invoice description, Invoice line descriptionTransaction’s descriptionNo
DepartmentDepartment, BU, BU name, Business unitTransaction on behalf of which departmentNo
Reported by emailReported by email, Employee, Emp Email, submitted by, Submitter, mail, email, usermail, mailaddress, email address, emailprimaryworkOwner (email appearing in the transaction)No

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