Using Graph Layouts
  • 19 Feb 2024
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Using Graph Layouts

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Article summary

Use Layouts to automatically organize the nodes in the Asset Graph so you can see the Relationships more clearly.

There are two layouts available:

  • Organic (default) - Use the Organic layout to represent complex relationships in a flexible, non-linear representation. This is suitable for systems where the connections between elements are not strictly hierarchical. Organic graphs are especially useful when trying to visualize assets with interrelated components.


  • Hierarchical - Use the Hierarchical layout when there is a clear and well-defined hierarchy or structure in the connections between the nodes. This is useful to show asset organizational, and parent-child relationships. Hierarchical graphs provide a clear structure where nodes are organized in levels or tiers. Nodes in a hierarchical layout can be positioned in any way you want even after applying the layout.


To select a layout:

  • From the tools in the lower-left corner of the Asset Graph, click AssetGraph-LayoutsButton-sm.png and select the layout you want. The icon of the selected layout appears on the layout button.

The assets that have Relationships expanded are arranged accordingly.

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