CSV - Licenses
  • 20 Nov 2023
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CSV - Licenses

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Article summary

CSV - Licenses adapter imports information about SaaS licenses from a CSV file.

The adapter parameters are the same as the CSV Legacy Remote File Configuration. Since the CSV - Licenses adapter provides data about licenses only, unlike the generic CSV adapter, there is no option to configure the adapter to contain information about Users, Devices, or any other type of asset.

The functionality of this adapter is the same as the CSV adapter.
Note that the Accepted CSV field names are case insensitive.

Which fields are imported with a Licenses file?

The following data is imported as part of the Licenses file.

The information imported is then displayed on the relevant asset page. Please note that it is important to enter appropriate information in each field in order to obtain an optimum display.

In some cases the fields a specific company uses might not match the fields here. We therefore recommend the following:

Some companies list license names in their databases according to the business unit that uses them (Example: Slack - marketing, Slack (R&d), etc) in the vendor name or license name field. In order to render the CSV correctly we recommend as a best practice to enter the official (or actual) vendor name and license names in those fields, and use the Connection label field (account) for such additional data.

License Name - If your database does not use the official vendor name but uses a general term for the license name (such a google, rather than Google enterprise standard), then the data such as the business unit can be entered in the license name field (google (marketing), google-R&d, etc).

FieldAccepted CSV Field Name(s)DescriptionRequired?
Applicationvendor name, Vendor, Supplier, Supplier name, application, appThe license vendorYes
Application Account Nameaccount, Connection LabelAccount name/Instance nameYes
License nameLicense name, License, Name, SKUThe name of the specific licenseYes
Start dateStart Date, Start, FromStart of license durationYes
End dateEnd date, Expiration date, Renewal date, Finish, UntilEnd of license durationYes
Subscription termSubscription Term, Cadence, RenewalYearly/Monthly/Other/Expiration (Whether users subscribe to a monthly renewal, yearly renewal, a different renewal cadence or does the license expire)Yes
Total costAmount, Total amount, License cost, total cost, License valueThe entire value of the license (price per unit *quantity)Yes
Unit priceUnit Price, unit cost, cost per unit, price per unitPrice of each unit (user, seat, etc)No
Original currencyOriginal currency, CurrencyCurrency in which the license is pricedNo (assume this is USD unless written)
QuantityQuantity, number of units, Units, # of units, License unitsNumber of units paid forYes
Pricing unitPricing unit, UnitSeats, Users, or OtherNo (if not provided, enter other)
OwnerOwner, License owner, email, employee email, owner email, license owner emailEmail of license owner (as appears on contract or PO)No
License paymentlicense type, licensetype, license payment, payment typePaid/Free/TrialYes

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