Configuring the AI Query Assistant
  • 21 Jan 2024
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Configuring the AI Query Assistant

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Article summary

Use the AI Query Assistant to write a query using everyday natural language. The text is then interpreted by ChatGPT and the request is populated into the Query Wizard options.

Axonius provides a number of ways to integrate with ChatGPT:

  • Axonius Hosted - For hosted Axonius instances only. The Microsoft Azure version of ChatGPT is integrated into the on-site environment. No connection outside the environment is needed.
  • OpenAI - Integrates with the original ChatGPT supplier.
  • Microsoft Azure - Integrates with the ChatGPT supplied by Microsoft Azure.

See Using AI Query Assistant to Create Queries for more about how to create queries with natural language.

Usage of the Query Assistant may be limited by ChatGPT token availability. You can view your account details by clicking OpenAI account.

To configure ChatGPT settings:

  1. In System Settings, navigate to External Integrations.

  2. Select GPT.

  3. Enable AI Query Assistant.

  4. Each integration option has its own terms and conditions. Read the statements before saving the configuration and select the check box.

  5. Select one of the integration types:

    • Axonius Hosted
    • OpenAI
    • Microsoft Azure
  6. When OpenAI or Microsoft Azure are selected, fill in the additional fields.

    • For OpenAI:
      • Enter the API key provided by your company
    • For Microsoft Azure, enter the following:
      • Endpoint/Base Url
      • Deployment/Engine Name
      • API Key
  7. Click Save.

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