Tag in SentinelOne
  • 12 Sep 2022
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Tag in SentinelOne

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The Tag in SentinelOne action takes the saved query supplied as a trigger (or devices that have been selected in the asset table) and adds, removes or replaces the specified tag to/from a SentinelOne asset.

This action uses the SentinelOne adapter credentials to perform the tagging.

To configure the Tag in SentinelOne action, from the Action Library, click Execute Endpoint Security Agent Action, and then click Tag in SentinelOne.

Action Settings

  1. Tag key (required) - Specify a tag name.
  2. Tag value (required) - Specify a tag value.
  3. Add or remove tag (required) - Select whether to add or remove tags. Select one of the following actions:
    • Add tag - Adds a new tag.
    • Remove tag - Removes the tag specified in Tag key.
    • Override tag - Replaces the value of the tag specified in Tag key with the contents of Tag value.

To learn more about configuring Enforcement Sets, see Configuring Enforcement Sets.

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