Syslog Server - Send Log Message
  • 22 Dec 2022
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Syslog Server - Send Log Message

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Syslog Server - Send Log Message sends a message with the action results summary to syslog and optional messages with the device data for each of the devices in the query results as a JSON file. It sends a JSON file with data about the system entity queried, for queries created on Activity logs and Fetch History using filters.

To use this action, you must enable the Use Syslog setting and configure a Syslog host and port. For more details, see Global Settings.

The message includes:

  • The Enforcement Set name
  • The triggered query
  • The condition for executing the Enforcement action (if it exists)
  • The number of current and previous results

Message Example

Click to see a message example

Alert - "test" for the following query has been triggered: Missing Sophos

Alert Details
The alert was triggered because: The number of entities is above 0
The number of devices returned by the query:4
The previous number of devices was:4

You can view the query and its results here: Sophos

Action Settings

Click to view Action Settings
  1. Send result details (required, default: False) - Select whether to send additional messages to syslog with the details of the results.
    • If enabled, in addition to the default Syslog message, Axonius will send a JSON file with details of the results.
    • If disabled, Axonius will send to Syslog only the default message.
  2. Message severity (required, default: info) - Select the message severity: info, warning or error.

Additional Settings

Click to view Additional Settings
  • Tunnel Name - For Axonius-hosted (SaaS) deployments. Select the tunnel through which to connect to perform the action.

For more details about other Enforcement Actions available, see Action Library.

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