Shodan - Enrich Asset Data
  • 16 Aug 2023
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Shodan - Enrich Asset Data

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Article summary

Shodan - Enrich Asset Data enriches each of the assets that are the results of the query with additional data from Shodan, such as: hostname, ports open to the world, vulnerabilities, address information (country, region, city), ISP, and more.
The data enrichment is done per device based on its public IP address (IPv4).

You can use the IPv4 Public Subnets devices saved query as the trigger for the enforcement set that executes the Shodan - Enrich Asset Data action.
For more details, see Configuring Triggers.

See Creating Enforcement Sets to learn more about adding Enforcement Actions to Enforcement Sets.

General Settings

  • Enforcement Set name (required) - The name of the Enforcement Set. A default value is added by Axonius. You can change the name according to your needs.
  • Add description - Click to add a description of the Enforcement Set. It is recommended to describe what the Enforcement Set does.
  • Run action on assets matching following query (required) - Select an asset category and a query. The Enforcement Action will be run on the assets that match the query parameters.
  • Action name (required) - The name of the Main action. A default value is added by Axonius. You can change the name according to your needs.
  • Configure Dynamic Values - Toggle on to enter a Dynamic Value statement. See Creating Enforcement Action Dynamic Value Statements to learn more about Dynamic Value statement syntax.

Required Fields

These fields must be configured to run the Enforcement Set.

Additional Fields

These fields are optional.

  • Shodan domain - (default: The Shodan domain. You can change it, if required.
  • HTTPS Proxy - Connect the adapter to a proxy instead of directly connecting it to the domain.

  • Use hostname as enrichment option - When selected, the hostname is used instead of the IP address.

Generating a Shodan API Key

To generate a Shodan API key:

1. Register for an account in Shodan.
2. Visit your registered email ID and activate the account.
3. Login to your account and you will find the API keys under the Profile Overview tab.
4. Copy the API key and this is the value for _shodan_api_ field in the file.

For more details about other Enforcement Actions available, see Action Library.

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