Enrich Asset Data - EPEAT
  • 24 Jan 2024
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Enrich Asset Data - EPEAT

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Article Summary

Enrich Asset Data - EPEAT Enriches assets with EPEAT information for:

  • Assets that match the results of the selected saved query, and match the Enforcement Action Conditions, if defined or assets selected on the relevant asset page.
To use the actions below, you must successfully configure an EPEAT adapter connection.


General Settings


Required Fields

These fields must be configured to run the Enforcement Set.

  • Hostname or IP Address - The hostname or IP address of the EPEAT server.
  • ApiKey - The API key used to access your EPEAT account.
  • {{snippet.EC Action Instance Field}}

Additional Fields

These fields are optional.

  • {{snippet.Verify_SSL}}
  • {{snippet.HTTPS_Proxy}}


Axonius uses the Computers & Displays Searching | EPEAT Registry API.

Version Matrix

This Enforcement Action has only been tested with the versions marked as supported, but may work with other versions. Please contact Axonius Support if you have a version that is not listed and it is not functioning as expected.

EPEAT Registry API v1Yes


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