About the Enforcement Action Library
  • 26 Dec 2023
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About the Enforcement Action Library

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Article Summary

As part of an Enforcement Set configuration, you need to define the main enforcement action. You can also add additional actions to be performed after execution of the main action.


Axonius offers a vast list of actions, categorized under the following categories:

  • Notify - Send emails or notifications to various systems, such as Syslog, Slack and others.
  • Create Incident or Ticket - Create an incident in various systems, such as ServiceNow, Jira and others.
  • Axonius Utilities - Perform Axonius actions on devices or users.
  • Enrich Asset Data - Enrich asset data using different sources.
  • Manage CMDB Asset - Create or update CMDB assets (ServiceNow, Cherwell, etc.)
  • Update VA Coverage - Update scanned scope in various VA tools.
  • Deploy Files and Run Commands - Run a windows shell command, WMI, or Linux SSH scan.
  • Execute Endpoint Security Agent Action - Isolate or unisolate devices in various EDR solutions.
  • Manage Users and User Groups - Enable or disable users or user groups.
  • Manage AWS Services - Actions on Amazon EC2 instances, such as start/stop or tag.
  • Manage Microsoft Azure Services - Actions on Microsoft Azure cloud instances.
  • Manage DNS Services - Actions on DNS related services.
  • Manage Google Services - Actions for GCP and GSuite.
  • Manage Software - Actions for software management such as Github and Tanium, and more.

To configure an action, click a category to view its actions, and then click the desired action. The Action Library page is then replaced by the selected action configuration page.
Use the navigation tree and the search bar to explore the various enforcement actions.

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