Updating a Dashboard Dynamically
  • 20 Aug 2023
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Updating a Dashboard Dynamically

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Article summary

Axonius allows you to create a Dashboard that will update dynamically based upon filter and/or query criteria. These criteria are applied to all the charts in the dashboard.

This is useful, for example, if your environment is divided into geographic regions. You can create a generic Dashboard that includes the charts you want and filters the data to display only data for that region. The Dashboard can be provided to each region and that region can view their data. The filter is persistent and will still be applied if you leave the Dashboard and then view it again.

To dynamically filter a Dashboard

  1. From the Dashboards List, select a custom Dashboard. System Dashboards cannot be filtered.

  2. Above the right upper corner of the Dashboard, click Filter.

  3. Select the type of asset you want to query the dashboard for. In the Set Filter window, a query row is displayed for each selected asset type query.

    a. (Optional)To add another Query click Add and select the asset type.

  4. In the Set Filter window, do one or more of the configure the queries you want see Creating Queries with the Query Wizard.

  5. Click Apply. The filter settings are applied to all charts in the Dashboard.

The filter is persistent. It remains when you leave the Dashboard and will still be applied when viewed again.

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