Activity Logs Page
  • 25 Oct 2021
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Activity Logs Page

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Use the Activity Logs page to track all activity in the Axonius system.

To open the Activity Logs page, from the left navigation panel, click the image.png icon.


Activity Logs Overview

The Activity Logs page displays a list of all activities on the Axonius system, sorted from the newest to the oldest activities.
This page provides the following details:

  • Type - the type of the activity.
    • User Activity image.png - Activity done by a user (e.g., Delete Report, Add Role).
    • System Activity image.png - Activity done by the system (e.g., Fetch devices, Discovery Cycle Ended)
    • API Activity image.png - Activity done directly by the API and not by a user in the GUI.
  • Date - The timestamp of the activity in UTC time.
  • User - The user who performed the activity. The user name is displayed with a prefix:
    • Internal - A user defined internally in Axonius by one of the system admins.
    • SAML or LDAP - A user who logged in using the LDAP or SAML based login options.
  • Impersonated by - When the 'Impersonation' feature is activated on the system, the log page shows which activities were performed by a user in impersonation mode.
  • Action - The action of the activity.
  • Category - The category of the activity.
  • Message - A message with additional details about the activity.

Searching and Filtering

You can filter the logs that are displayed.

The following filters are available:

  • Users: The list of users who performed actions.
  • Categories: Categories of actions available on your system.
  • Actions: Actions performed on your system.
  • Search: Search for parameters that appear in a log message, for instance Enforcement name, report name, connection label or credentials.

Filtering by Date

  • Click the date range picker to filter activities by date.
    • Select two dates to set the date range for which activity logs events will be displayed.
    • To filter activity logs only for a specific date, select the same date twice.
    • Click Select Time in the date range picker to include specific times in the date range.
    • Click OK to set the date range filter

  • Use 'Clear all' to clear all of your selections in a specific filter.
  • Click 'Reset' to clear all filters and show all of the log activity.


Activity Logs Retention

The Activity Logs page always displays the last 100,000 activities.

By default, 50 activity logs are displayed in each table page. Click the appropriate icon on the bottom left side of the table image.png to change the number of activity logs that are displayed and choose between 20, 50 or 100.

Use the pagination bar on the bottom right side of the table to move between pages. image.png

Exporting Activity Logs

You can export the activity logs results table data to a CSV file. To export the results to a CSV file:

In the Activity Logs page, click Export CSV on the right side of the page just above the table.
The CSV file is automatically downloaded with a name format as:
“axonius_activity_logs< date >< time >.csv”
When you set a filter, only the filtered data is exported to the CSV file.

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