Spending | Axonius SaaS Management
  • 06 Feb 2022
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Spending | Axonius SaaS Management

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The Axonius SaaS Management Spending module provides granular insights into your SaaS application spending, revealing where your SaaS application budget is going, whether you are overspending on certain applications or subscriptions, and where potential savings can be made.

Data is collected by Axonius adapters which are connected to business accounting tools such NetSuite, SAP Concur, and Expensify.

Getting Started With Spending

From the left navigation bar, click on Spending.
spend 1.png

Spending Overview

The spend overview provides a simple starting point with which to understand your spending. It includes two views:

Use the drop-downs to filter the results as desired:
spend 2.png

Discovered spend breakdown has three charts:
spend 3.png

Category - This chart shows the spending per application category.

  1. Click any of the sliders in the Category column to view spending on applications in this category. You will see the breakdown in the Application chart. This view will help you to understand if you are using more than one application for the same tasks.
  2. Click the Category slider again to return the Application chart to its original state.
    Application - The applications that your organization is spending the most on.
    Application spend increase - QoQ - The change in spending over time. The default view shows the biggest application expenses, and how spending has changed on those applications in the last three months compared with the previous three months.

Discovered spend over time has one chart:
spend 4.png

Detailed Transactions View

This table shows a list of application payments, the associated category and application. and the email of the employee who made the payment, and the date it was submitted:
spend 5.png

Using the drop-downs you can customize the view to zoom in on the source of the information, a specific application category and application, a particular employee, and the date the payment was submitted.

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