Renewals | Axonius SaaS Management
  • 19 Jan 2022
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Renewals | Axonius SaaS Management

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The Axonius SaaS Management Renewals module is a calendar-like view that displays the license renewal date, subscription term and other information for the applications you are subscribed to. You can manually add more renewal dates that you want to keep track of.

Getting Started With Renewals

From the left navigation bar, click Renewals.
renewals 1.png

Viewing Renewals Information

Under the date you can see the application that is up for renewal, the number of users, the subscription term, and the owner.
renewals 2.png

Adding a Renewal

To add a renewal:

  1. Click on the + add button in the top right corner to open the renewals dialog box.
    renewals 3.png

  2. Enter the application, account name, number of users, owner, and subscription term.

  3. Click Add. The new renewal information will be added to the calendar

Deleting and Editing a Renewal

To delete or edit a renewal click the corresponding action icons located in the top right corner of the renewal entry.

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