Getting Started with Axonius SaaS Management
  • 04 Apr 2023
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Getting Started with Axonius SaaS Management

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Article Summary

The Challenge

With an ever-increasing number of people working remotely, Software as a Service has become the go-to model for software provision within organizations, allowing users to access applications from anywhere.

However, the shift to a SaaS application model has created new challenges for IT and security managers. These include:

  • Obtaining a credible SaaS asset inventory, with complete visibility of known and unknown SaaS applications and their intricate data flows.
  • Managing configurations, licensing, spending, and security gaps across thousands of SaaS applications.
  • Measuring SaaS application risk and ensuring compliance.

Introducing Axonius SaaS Management

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Axonius SaaS Management helps security, IT, finance, and risk teams control the complexity, cost, and risk of SaaS with a single source of truth into their SaaS application landscape.
By connecting to all layers of the SaaS application stack, Axonius SaaS Management:

  • Discovers both known and unknown SaaS applications, providing complete visibility into all data types and interconnectivity flows.
  • Identifies misconfigurations and data security risks.
  • Delivers insights for better IT management and cost optimization.

How It works

Connect and Discover

Connect and discover using Axonius pre-built adapters and additional SaaS discovery tools, to create a detailed inventory of existing SaaS applications. Once connected, Axonius aggregates and correlates data to identify unknown and potentially unsanctioned SaaS applications and associated users, devices, data flows, and interconnectivity.

Gain Visibility into the SaaS Application Environment and Data Flows

Obtain a complete inventory of all discovered SaaS applications and their interconnectivity. The data flows mapping uncovers app to app interdependency, unauthorized applications, orphaned and neglected accounts, and more.

Axonius SaaS Management Modules

The Axonius SaaS Management user interface features a range of modules, each focusing on a different aspect of discovery:


The Home module is an overview of all the modules in Axonius SaaS Management. Each widget in the view includes the most important data for that module.


The Applications module displays all the managed and unmanaged SaaS applications used in the organization. The benefit is twofold: Saving risk analysts valuable time taken up by searching for the applications, and in-depth information for the security manager about the nature of threats posed by each of the applications.
Visit Applications.


The Users module provides insights about what applications the users in your organization are accessing, how they are accessing them, and the extent to which shadow SaaS is in use.
Visit Users.


The purpose of the Extensions module is to provide visibility into 4th and 5th party applications that have been granted access to the organization's SaaS applications by users - knowingly or mistakenly.
Visit Extensions.


The Policies module provides an overview of your security posture and gives you the ability to manage misconfigured settings and address security risks. It also shows you to what degree your SaaS application settings comply with specific standards.
Visit Policies.


The Spending module provides granular insights into your SaaS application spending, revealing where your SaaS budget is going, whether you are overspending on certain applications or subscriptions, and where potential savings can be made.
Visit Spending.


The Renewals module is a calendar that displays the license renewal date, subscription term and other information for the applications you are subscribed to. You can manually add more renewal dates that you want to keep track of.
Visit Renewals.


The Findings module displays a list of system notifications relating to misconfiguration issues, security gaps, and suspicious or malicious behavior.

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