Managing Dashboards
  • 20 Aug 2023
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Managing Dashboards

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Article Summary

Use the Manage Dashboards window to select which Dashboards you want to be Favorites. You can also set the display order of the tabs. You can save these settings as your default so that the selected Dashboards are displayed in the set order each time you log in.

If you are an Admin or a user with the Set dashboard order permission, you can also define the default Dashboards and their order for the system.

  • My Default - The default Dashboard set displayed each time you log in.
  • System Default (Admin only) - The default Dashboard set displayed for all users.
System defaults will apply to the current Data Scope. See Data Scope Management.

The Select Dashboards window shows two lists:

  • Available Dashboards - Lists all available dashboards with the selected access permissions.
  • Displayed Dashboards - Lists the dashboards to be displayed.

The access level of each Dashboard is listed to the right of the Dashboard name.


You can filter the Available Dashboards list by access level:

  • All - List all available dashboards
  • Public - Only list dashboards that all users can access
  • Roles - Only list dashboards available to my assigned roles
  • Private - Only list dashboards that are private to me


To add Dashboards to the Favorites folder and set their order:

  1. Click image.png on the left navigation panel to open the Dashboard page.
  2. From the Add Dashboard dropdown, choose Manage Dashboards.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • To move Dashboards to the Favorite Dashboards list, select the Dashboards you want to display and click Add.
    • To move Dashboards to the Available Dashboards list, select the Dashboards you want to remove and click Remove.
  4. To revert to one of the default order settings:
    • Click Reset and then Reset to Data Scope Default. This change is not saved unless you save your order selections by clicking Apply to save the change temporarily, or one of the options in the Apply dropdown to save. (See the next step.)
  5. When you are finished arranging the Dashboards, do one of the following:
    • Click Apply. The dashboards in the Favorite Dashboards list are added to the Favorites folder. This is a temporary change. The next time you log in to Axonius, the dashboard order will revert to the previously selected Data Scope Default.

    • From the Apply dropdown, select Save as Data Scope Default - Available to Admin users or users with the Set dashboard order permission. Saves the current selections as the default Favorites for all users within the Data Scope with no defined Favorites list. Users with the proper permission can still assign their own default order.

The system default order cannot include private Dashboards or Dashboards assigned to specific roles.

To search for a Dashboard:

You can also search both lists by entering text into the Search fields at the top of each list.

To select a Dashboard:

To select a dashboard, click the box next the Dashboard. You can also click Select All to select all the Dashboards in the list.

To change the order of the Displayed Dashboards:

You can change the order of the Dashboards by clicking and dragging a Dashboard to a new position in the list.

  1. In the Favorite Dashboards list, hover over a Dashboard name. The handle appears to the left.

  2. Click the handle and drag'n drop the dashboard to a new location. Dashboards will be displayed in the order they appear in this list.


To remove user default selections and revert to the system default:

Reverting to the system default removes your user default configuration.

  1. In the Select Dashboards window, click Reset to system default.
  2. From the Apply list, select Revert to system default. You no longer have a configured user default dashboard configuration.

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