Manage Dashboard Spaces
  • 14 Nov 2022
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Manage Dashboard Spaces

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Admin users can use Manage Spaces to see an overview of the system's dashboard spaces, and to create, update, delete and re-order each space.


The page is comprised of a list of all system dashboards displayed in the following order:
My Dashboard and Axonius Dashboard the two default dashboard spaces are always the first; their order cannot be changed.
Next are all custom added spaces.
The following details are displayed for each space:

  • Name - Click the space name to open the selected space.
  • Access - The Space access definition:
    • Private - A private dashboard that only you can see
    • Public - No roles are assigned to this space.
    • Roles - Roles are assigned to this space.
  • Assigned Roles - The system displays the list of the roles assigned to the space, when roles are assigned to a space.

Setting Roles for the Axonius Dashboard Space

You can use roles to set Space access for the Axonius Dashboard so that it is not available to all users of your system.

  1. In Manage Spaces click the dots next to the space name.
  2. From the menu that opens choose ‘Edit’.
  3. In Space access choose Roles.
  4. Click in the Roles field and select the roles that can see this space. If you do not select any roles, only the Admin user can see the space.


  1. Click Save.

Now when a user logs in who is not assigned to a role that can see the Axonius Dashboard, then they will not be able to see it.


Default selection for Axonius Dashboard is public.
Axonius Dashboard can either be set as public or assigned to a role, it cannot be private.

Space Management Options

Changing the Order of Spaces

  • The spaces order is defined top to bottom. You can change the order of any of the custom spaces by dragging it to the new position.
  • You can't change the order of the default spaces.
  • Once a space is dropped at the new position the change is applied immediately.

Adding a New Space

To add a new space

  1. Click Add Space; the Add Space dialog opens.

  2. Set a name for the space. It is recommended to give a unique name to each space.

  3. Set Space access permissions. Note that the default access permission is public, you can change this to Private access as described in Working with Dashboard Spaces. Or select only specific Roles which will have access to this space.

  4. Click Save; the Select Space template opens, either choose Custom Space or choose a dashboard space template. See Work with a Dashboard, to learn more about dashboard space templates.


Users with the Admin. role always have access to all spaces which are not private.

Edit, Refreshing and Deleting

  • Space Menu - Each space has a menu icon image.png :
    Click the icon to open the Manage Space menu:
    • Delete - Deletes the current space. You can only delete custom dashboard spaces.
    • Refresh the space. You can refresh all of the data on all the charts on a Space, refer to Refreshing the Space.
    • Edit - Use the Edit space dialog to:
      • Rename the space. It is recommended to give a unique name to each space.

      • Edit Space access permissions. By default, all custom spaces have Public access as described in the table above. It is possible to select only specific Roles which will have access to this space.

        Administrators can set Roles for the Axonius dashboard space to that it is not visible to users with specific roles on your system.


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