Axonius Dashboard
  • 07 Sep 2023
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Axonius Dashboard

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Article Summary

The Axonius Dashboard presents immediate insights based on existing saved queries. It provides a single, consolidated, and central area to monitor and absorb insights on all assets based on saved queries designed to shed light on desired policy, breach of policy, and any other questions regarding asset management.

The Dashboard page opens by default every time you log in to Axonius. You can also click image.png on the left navigation panel to open this page.


The Dashboard contains various Dashboard tabs, each consisting of charts. Each chart refers to a visual/graph capturing the graphical insights. If no data has been collected, the Dashboard is empty, waiting for the initial data to be collected.

Default Dashboards
Axonius includes two default Dashboards: My Dashboard and Axonius Dashboard. The Axonius Dashboard is displayed by default. An Admin user or a user with the Add and edit dashboards permission, can configure the system to not display the Axonius Dashboard. You can add new charts to each dashboard, add additional dashboards for your needs, and rename and delete existing ones.

For more details, see Working with Dashboards.

You can select which Dashboards to add to Favorites folder, arrange their order in the folder and set a default arrangement. See Managing Dashboards for more information.

Once data is collected, the default Axonius Dashboard appears, displaying the default Axonius charts:

  • Device Discovery
  • User Discovery
  • Adapter Connections Status
  • System Lifecycle

See Default Charts to learn more about each of these charts.

Color Palette
To use Axonius's updated and more modern color palette, on the top-right of the screen, enable the Use new color palette toggle.

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