Asset Investigation
  • 22 Feb 2022
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Asset Investigation

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Use Asset Investigation to view changes in the values of fields over a set period of time. The investigation data allows you to monitor the fields so you can have a real triage capability.


Events Table

The Events table shows changes in the values of fields on the assets selected.
Each row on the table represents a changed event on the asset and the time at which it happened. The changes are displayed for each adapter source, and not on the aggregated value. Events are displayed sorted by time with the newest events on the top.

The Events tables shows the following information:
Date – the date and the time stamp of the changed event in UTC.
Field Name – the name of the field, an adapter icon shows on which adapter the field is.
Event TypeAdded, Removed or Added/Removed (values were both added and removed)
Updated Field Value - The values of the field at the time of the event, after values were added or removed. Mouse over to see a list of changes,
Values Added - lists all the values added to the field. If more than 2 values were added, mouse over to see all the values, the first 50 are displayed and can be scrolled through.
Value Removed - lists all the values removed from the field. If more than 2 values were removed, mouse over to see all the values.

Filtering Asset Investigation Tab Display

You can filter on the values to be displayed on the table. The following filters are available:

  • Display Changes Between - Click the date picker to set the time range for the asset investigation display. Choose a starting date and an end date. The default time range is the last week.

  • Field Names - The fields for which the timeline will display changes in the selected time range.

  • Adapter Connections - The adapter connections for which you want to display events.

  • Event Types - The event types you want to see. You can choose whether you want to see events that were Added, events that were Removed or Added/Removed.

  • Use 'Clear all' to clear all of your selections in a specific filter.

  • Click 'Reset' to clear all filters and reset the display.

Click Comparison Report to open the Comparison Report dialog. The comparison report opens with the current device selected.

Choose Export CSV to export the table to a CSV file.

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